Monday, November 3, 2008

Sacha Byron Cohen

What a game last night. Ben got injured changing his tampon during halftime, Coach Tomlin spilled paint on my shirt, and said to start warming up. I was going in.

The jitters were there. Do you even know anyone in your life named Byron?
That's all I could think about as I buckled the chinstrap and jogged to the huddle.

I threw a big-time pass to Nate Washington.
They changed the name of the city of Washington to Washington because of that play.
He's a playmaker.

Doug Williams or whoever was qb'ing the other team was throwing big picks while I was standing on the sidelines, trying to get Ben to high-five me with his right hand.

Well, that's all. I got interviewed after the game by the stereotypical female sideline reporter.
I said I was a team player, I need my team, people are playmakers.

I'm voting today unless Ben needs to me to lead a couple TD drives in practice.